OMG* is contemporary shorthand for bliss, for exasperation, for disbelief. Through an ongoing series of interviews and involvement with the local community, our collaborative team is capturing some of the impressions and images people have about the spiritual and eternal. What are the things we dream about but can’t seem to put our finger on? What are the larger questions of life and existence? What forms would our answers take on stage? Four seasoned actors and a documentary filmmaker want to know.

Creative team:

Veronica del Cerro, actress/director

Yael Luttwak, filmmaker/director

Cesar Guadamuz, actor/NYC correspondent

Patrick Bussink, actor/director/playwright

Jason McCool, producer/actor/director/composer

*OMG is a grantee of the Mead Theatre Lab program run by Cultural Development Corporation (CuDC) of Washington, DC.


3 Responses to “Who are we?”

  1. This is so great! So glad you guys are doing this.

  2. Mary Sugar said

    This sounds awesome! Can’t wait to see what develops!

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