The Unrelenting Spirit

March 28, 2011

The Unrelenting Spirit

Amid unrelenting destruction arises an unrelenting spirit

A divine call to action, a human tide of resistance

If chaos is inevitable then too our self-preservation is endemic, in our DNA

And when the alarms sound we naturally respond to them

New York, Japan, Chile these is where our spirits diverge, where our humanity is showcased.

The New York firefighter, the Chilean miner and the Japanese boatsman, these are warriors cut from the same cloth, displaying their natal colors proudly but battling the same forces.

And we the spectators, the public, physically unharmed but spiritually disrupted, we too are cut from the same cloth. And our tools are just as powerful. Facebook, CNN, Twitter, church: these are our forums, our places-of-action, where we prepare and attack, to maintain dignity, to provide stability, to usher in progress. And through it all, our divergence continues, this natural progression to become one spirit. Through products of our own human imagination, we create human connections, the Sunni emails the Catholic, the Muslim pings the Atheist, the Hindu tweets to the Jew, in small acts of synergy, pulses of progression.

And after the smoke clears, the spirit doesn’t fade, the fire doesn’t die out, rather the warriors and the spectators continue on this divergent path, freshly-educated, newly-enlightened… the fire swells, the spirit shines brighter.

So that when this unrelenting destruction swells again,

The unrelenting spirit will respond again, stronger and more powerful than the time before. And ever-divergent, unified.

This is endemic; it’s in our DNA.

–Cesar Guadamuz
OMG NYC correspondent

video from OMG field trip to Malcolm X Park, Washington, DC, March 20, 2011:


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