March 17, 2011

Oh-My-God-Oh-My-God-Oh-My-God, what the hell do I write about this piece? This piece, this piece, this piece! This piece, which has roiled like whitewater in our minds these many months. This piece, which has both gnawed at our ankles and set off a thousand compact florescent lightbulbs of the mindbodysoul.

Yea, and I mean YEA , like they say in the Bible—sounds like “YAY” but with a deeper voice and loads of gravitas—YEA, I say, YEA, we have walked through the valley of rambling and meandering philosophical discussion, from Genesis to Revelation, from the Bodhi Tree to the Joshua Tree, from the Alpha to the OMeGa.

And LO, we sit now in the fumbling darkness, in the muck, lumping chunks together and molding, shaping, scraping. But YEA…LO…ummm, forsooth? No, no…VERILY! Yes, verily, we we have faith, yes we have FAITH, despite our snark-laced generation Xness, that some light will shine through in the end.

Creating theatre under pressure is a crazy process. But look what pressure does to coal over time. I’m not saying this piece will be theatrical diamonds, we don’t want to raise expectations so high. I mean, we don’t have a ton of time here. Forget about “diamonds are forever” because the fact is diamonds TAKE forever…maybe we should shoot for cubic zirconium? Would the audience even notice? My point: the pressure of the deadline, the knowledge that lights will shine on what we’ve been up to, it’s incredibly galvanizing.

Things are going well. Synapses are firing. We’re cutting away what’s unnecessary and working to put together the greatest gift we’re able to muster with the tools and the time we have before us. We’re working through the pesky barriers between vision and language and starting to find our stride. And we’re looking forward to bouncing things off some real live actual people who have heartbeats and eyeballs and saliva.

Until next time,


PS – Quick reminder on our performance dates. Book your calendars!

All performances are ticketed at a “pay what you can” basis, and will take place at DC’s Source Theatre (1835 14th St. NW) on the following dates:
Monday, April 11 (8pm)
Tuesday, April 12 (8pm)
Sunday, April 17 (7pm)
Monday, April 18 (8pm)


One Response to “HAPPY (st.) PATRICK’s (day) BLOG POST!”

  1. Rafael said

    It’s going to be fantastic and thought provoking. I am looking forward to seeing it.

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