Yael chimes in!

March 7, 2011

[Here’s a quick post from Yael, our terrific documentary filmmaker who Jason met serendipitously on a plane coming back from London last summer. Please check out her recent film A Slim Peace, which has screened on the Sundance Channel!]

It’s gonna be hard to top Jason’s terrific report from our Thursday meeting so I wont even try to! I will use my first-ever blog posting to say how fantastic this process has been so far. First off, its been wonderful to meet Jason, Veronica, Patrick and Cesar and the new folks coming in to the world of the devised soon to be OMG piece!

The process over the course of a few months of talking lots about identity, spirituality and translating these themes into a theater piece has been wholly engaging and challenging! Now we are getting into the thick of the process. Our active and creative exercises are starting to bear fruit and serve as inspiration for vignettes for the piece to come… Also, reflecting back on the several film shoots we have done… grabbing my camera and mic and going out with the group to interview folks from our list of five questions…

How do you define yourself? Our distilled questions work well with most and the conversations can quickly become personal and revealing of someone’s personality, stage in life and past regrets or dreams for the future. I think we have some great material and we’re looking for a video editor to help us! I think we found one!

Excited for the coming weeks as our momentum builds closer to the dates in April… OMG that’s soon! See you on Monday all for the next rehearsal!


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