OMG shifting into 2nd gear…

February 28, 2011

Hello, interwebs!

Forgive us our lack of posting, but behind the scenes things have been buzzing along for the OMG team. We’ve met bunches of times in conference rooms and caf├ęs, and though our brainstorming process continues, we’ve accumulated just about enough “data” to start the process of getting some raw materials up on stage. We’ve also been in talks with a wonderful dancer and even a magician (?!) about their involvement, and we look to add more artists of different stripes over the following weeks.

For now, I want to post here the questions we’ve been centering our work around. Mind you, these are whittled down from an original list of about 30, but we’ve found that these questions represent a sort of condensed version of the larger list anyway. People respond to them in a variety of ways, most of which are consistently thought-provoking and point toward larger themes which we’ll want to explore in our final work. (Should anyone come across this blog and want to particpate, please contact us at; we always, by the way, recommend that people have a good glass of wine in front of them before beginning!)

Also, in my next post I’ll start including a few examples of some of the text we’ve received in response, and I’ll post more over the next week as more come in. Also also, this week we’re thrilled to get Veronica back from her directing gig in Arizona; she’s been sending us a few updates a week from the land of the cactus, but now that she’s back our exploration process can resume in full. More news to come!

1) How do you define yourself?

2) When do you feel most alive?

3) What are you most proud of?

4) Where do you find hope?

5) What does life expect of you?

6) What is your image of God, if you have one?