an opening leap

December 23, 2010

Good morning world!

I’m so pleased to set up this blog for our OMG theatrical experiment. Our creative team has been building this concept for the past few months and we’re hoping this blog will now provide a public forum for further exploration. We’re thrilled that our project was chosen to be a grantee of the Mead Theatre Lab program run by Cultural Development Corporation (CuDC) of Washington, DC, a terrific group of people assisting us with logistics, rehearsal/performance space, and development. We have performance dates for our preliminary staged reading lined up for April 2011 at Source Theatre in Washington, DC.

So what is OMG? We think it’s about using the open-ended nature of the creative process to uncover some answers to a few persistent, human questions about our place in the world. What moves you? What’s your place in the world? Sure, “OMG!” is one of the most common exclamations in contemporary society, but why? It seems to work as shorthand for bliss, for exasperation, somehow simultaneously indicating belief and disbelief, and it seems like everybody uses it. So we’re on the street interviewing anyone who will talk to us, and we’re capturing on-the-spot impressions and images people have about spirituality. We want to harness some of the power of social media as well; please follow us on Twitter and help us find some answers: What are the things you dream about but can’t seem to put your finger on? What are the larger questions of life and existence? And what forms would answers to these questions take on stage?

Our creative team of Washington, DC and New York City-based artists (Veronica, Patrick, Cesar, myself, and our documentary filmmaker Yael), will be posting here regularly with some of our findings, and with further questions, so please check in and feel free to pose some of your own thoughts and ideas. You may end up seeing your thoughts on stage!

I’ll cap off this first post with a Billy Collins poem, the relevancy of which should be apparent. Cheers, all.



Not only in church
and nightly by their bedsides
do young girls pray these days

Wherever they go,
prayer is woven into their talk
like a bright thread of awe

Even at the pedestrian mall
outbursts of praise
spring unbidden from their glossy lips.